Chelsea’s Art Scene is Coming Now to a Laptop near You

Regia Marinho
4 min readJun 1, 2020


28 questions you can ask to an artist about an artwork and get answered.

Sure, you can ask questions to an artist as you like.

This is an empty room at a Chelsea’s gallery in NYC.

But the artist studio is always full of art, and papers and canvas, and paint, and prints and drawings, sketches, brushes, pens…

Francis Bacon in his studio.

You can educate yourself about art by asking artists questions.

Because now you have the option to contact and buy directly from the artist studio.

If you like the artist work

Ask questions…don’t be afraid.

These are practical questions related to the artist’s work, to help you better communicate with an artist.

Suggestion questions you may ask to the artist about an artwork after you find his/her work online.

  • Is it an original on canvas or on paper?
  • What size in inches or in cm traditional size?
  • When did you make this painting?
  • What tools did you use to create this piece?
  • Do you negotiate the price? … If you already know the price.
  • Can you take commissions?
  • Do you work with watercolor on paper?
  • Can you take a commission to create a big mural?
  • Can I buy digital art from you?
  • I have a painting on my wall that I love it… Do you have an artwork to suggest me to buy and put together with what I already have?
  • I have a project to decorate a big hotel. Can you help me if I tell you what exactly what I’m looking for?
  • Do you sell prints from your art? Can you frame it?
  • What are your prices for an original drawings size 11" x 14"?



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