Claude Monet's Great Paintings, 8 Art Pieces

Impressionism art style of Monet.

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Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment. — Claude Monet.

Oscar-Claude Monet was a French painter and founder of impressionist painting who is seen as a key precursor to modernism.

Paintings by Claude Monet.

1. San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk.

It is an oil painting by Claude Monet painted in 1908.

Original painting, oil on canvas. Size: 65.2cm x 92.4cm (25.7 in x 36.4 in).

San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk. 1908. Oil on canvas, 65.2cm x 92.4cm (25.7 in x 36.4 in).

2. Red Boats at Argenteuil, 1875

Red Boats at Argenteuil, 1875.

Monet painted the town and surrounding area of Argenteuil through the 1870s and in each instant created pictures of beauty and harmony, which were often at odds with the reality of the moment.

3. Impression Sunrise, 1872

Impression, Sunrise. 1872

This famous painting, Impression, Sunrise, was created from a scene in the port of Le Havre, north of France.

How did Impressionist art get its name?

The word “impressionism” owes its origin to a title that Monet gave to the above painting.

Claude Monet said,

“they asked me for a title” for a painting of the French harbor of Le Havre.

“Put Impression.” He picked that term in acceptance that his painting was not more than a mere impression of the real Le Havre.

The painting would later acquire the title Impression, Sunrise (Impression, Soleil levant).

In a satiric review Louis Leroy, a conservative art critic, coined the word “impressionism” as an insult to Monet’s unconventional work.

And then, Monet and other artists embraced the label and became “Impressionists.”



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