How Do You Create More Value With AI Art?

Regia Marinho
3 min readSep 21

For creators and AI enthusiasts.

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” — Pablo Picasso.

AI ART 2023 by Midjourney + R. Marinho.

Creating more value with AI art involves leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence to enhance creativity, engagement, and appreciation of art.

I always keep trying new things, achieving unique results with Midjourney.

Here are some strategies to consider:

Innovative creative process

Use AI as a tool to discover new artistic processes and styles that might be difficult to achieve manually.

Experiment with AI-generated textures, patterns, and shapes to create unique and striking works of art.

This image is a blend of words with my digital art.

AI ART 2023 by Midjourney + Regia Marinho.

Sometimes I write large prompts and other times just a few words until I have a great piece of AI art. And also I blend images on MJ.


Leverage AI’s ability to analyze data and user preferences to create personalized art experiences.

Develop a system that allows users to personalize elements of artwork based on their personal preferences, creating a stronger emotional connection.


Integrate interactivity into your AI art.

This may require the use of additional tools.

Creating works that respond to viewer input, whether through touch, voice, or movement, allows the audience to influence the form and behavior of the artwork.

Dynamic art

Use AI to create works of art that evolve over time.

Develop sections that change in response to external factors such as time of day, weather, or audience interaction.

This dynamic quality keeps art interesting and constantly evolving.

Story and contextualization

Use AI to weave stories or create stories around your artwork.

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