How to Recycle Your House is the New Way to Care About the World

Regia Marinho
4 min readJan 15, 2021


Recycle Your House is Care about the World Future.

Your House is Gone, you Care about the Future.

A house in Salvador, Bahia is being demolished to build a tall building.

There is no vacuum in the human heart. Certain demolitions take place, and it is well that they do, but on condition that they are followed by reconstructions.
Victor Hugo

My friend post on WhatsApp:

“I am trying to use the materials from my house in Salvador, Bahia before its demolition (a tall building will be built over my land and the neighbors). I found a young architect who is dismantling the house to resell the materials. It is a very interesting business.” Petronio L.V.

Portuguese: “Estou tentando aproveitar os materiais da minha casa de Salvador antes da sua demolição (vai ser construído um espigão sobre o meu terreno e os vizinhos). Encontrei um jovem arquiteto que está desmontando a casa para revender os materiais. É um negócio muito interessante.”

Detail of Petronio’s house in Salvador, Bahia

I agree that is an interesting business… and a great way to give a new destination for those materials. Thank you for the pictures.

In this life, many demolitions are actually renovations.

Kudos to you for giving demolished building materials a new life through recycling.

As an engineer, he understands more than anybody else the cost and work involved in the house construction.

Also, there is a sentimental feeling that is in the house and he wants to preserve it.

The Circular Economy

“In a circular economy, resources do not end up as recyclables since products are made to last several lifecycles. Products’ lifespans are extended via maintaining, repair, redistribute, refurbishment, and or



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