I Am a Work in Progress, Said Will Smith in His Apology to Comedian Chris Rock

Everybody’s a work in progress.

Regia Marinho


This is the actor Will Smith's apology on Instagram.

Sunday night on March 27, actor Will Smith gets to experience perhaps the best and worst of his life. He went to the Oscars in Los Angeles with a nomination for best actor — and ended up taking the award.

But, minutes before that happened, in the middle of the ceremony, he lost his cool when comedian Chris Rock referred to his wife with an unfortunate comment about the disease she faces (alopecia).

Will Smith brought out the worst in himself: he went up on stage and slapped the presenter.

"So, what is my story? I don’t know. It’s long and twisted and not quite finished yet." ― Caitlyn Paige.

I was thinking…

Who said before always be a work in progress?

“Everybody’s a work in progress. I’m a work in progress." — Yogi Bhajan.

Twenty-four hours after the incident, Will Smith published a statement (above) on Instagram, in which he expressly apologizes to comedian Chris Rock for the aggression.

And then he brought out the best of himself.

During the ceremony, he had already apologized to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and to his fellow actors, especially to the entire crew of the film for which he had received the award.

A work in progress is a project that is not yet finished or polished. So, as a project to move to another city, a work assignment, a home renovation, or one’s relationship with another person.

We are “a work in progress” = a project that is not yet finished.

A painting is also a work in progress…

Flowers Painting on canvas. 2014 R. Marinho.

Because people’s imaginations change the meaning of art based on their own view of the…



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