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It’s About Close Up, Another Way to See Things

Regia Marinho
3 min readJan 18, 2020


In the close up… a certain part of the subject takes up most of the space.

The close up is a simple enlargement of an object or human being in the image, and is as old as cinema itself.

Close up of Cornus florida

A close up of a person usually means a close up of their face.

Photo by Chermiti Mohamed on Unsplash

Who invented the Close Up?

When David Wark Griffith was “taken by the beauty of his actress to such an extent that he invented the close-up to better stare at the details”…

It is the American moviemaker David Wark Griffith (1875–1948) who gave the close-up its value by using it to create an atmosphere,

to define a character, to reinforce a situation, and taking it to the status of a symbol.

What is a extreme Close Up?

In the art world, it’s very important to show close ups details of a painting or drawing.

These days lots of artworks has been sold by images online.

Because art collectors want to see the details before to make a decision.

The extreme close up is used in film to permit that anyone view the character’s intimate space, and revealing certain characteristics and emotions.

An Elephant Eye, Wikimedia

Another example of a extreme close up…

An autumn leaf.

Autumn Leaf close up

What is a medium Close Up?

The medium close up is half way between a mid shot and a close up.

It shows the object more clearly, without getting too close.



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