Mid-journey AI Art Using My Digital Painting As Prompts

Generative art from the image. You may use words or images with the Bot.

Regia Marinho
3 min readOct 6, 2022


The Wild Bean. This is one of my recent abstract digital paintings.

I used it as a prompt on the Mid journey to make generative images.

The Wild Bean. Abstract digital art 2022, by Regia Marinho.

"I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music." — Joan Miró.

Generative art uses algorithms to create images.

An algorithm is a set of steps that can be followed to accomplish some task, often a repeatable procedure for producing some result.

Generative art.

The Bot created images totally different from the original.

4 images result from Mid journey.

4 abstract images result from Mid journey.

These 4 generative art images I'm making available for you as digital downloads on Etsy.

One of the most interesting things about generative art is that it can create unique pieces that are different from each other.

The way this happens is by using algorithms to generate content, and these algorithms can be applied to…



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