One Digital Painting Created Through Magic

Magic I can not explain

Regia Marinho


Art is who you are.

3 Flowers Vase. Digital painting by Regia Marinho. NFT on OpenSea.

This colorful digital painting

Is from

My mind…

In-state of magic.

What is the message of art?

Art is often intended to appeal to, and connect with, human emotion.

Artists may express something so that their audience is stimulated in some way…

To create feelings, religious faith, curiosity, interest, identification with a group, memories, thoughts, or creativity.

What if art could be a way of delivering messages or ideas in a new context?

The pieces I make must have musical qualities, changes in rhythm, a series of climaxes, and an overall harmony. — Shono Shounsai.

Art is a thing that is made in a creative, imaginative, skillful, or magical way.

Art can be a painting, a drawing, song, photograph, book, poem, or anything else that is created by people.

The most important part of art is the message.

You may be wondering what the message of art is.

The message of art depends on who you ask.

Some people will say it is to show how they feel while others say it is to help people relax or to make people dream.

There are many different answers but each one has its own reason why they think so.

In art, the message is about the artist’s life. The artist paints a picture to tell about his life and what he thinks.

This is very important in art.

What is the message of the Art object of this article?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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Regia Marinho

I write about ideas, technology, the future and inspire the world through art. Artist. Civil engineer.