Spiral Symphony: A Poetic Ode to Nature’s Dance

A Poem

Regia Marinho


Modernity in Motion: Oskar Schlemmer’s Bauhaus Triadic Ballet. 1922.

In the dance of time, a spiral unfurls,

A graceful curve, where wonder whirls.

From galaxies vast to seashells small,

In nature's embrace, it touches all.

In whispers of wind, it softly sings,

A tale of growth, of ancient things.

A seedling unfurls in the morning sun,

A spiral's journey has just begun.

Upward it climbs, with elegant grace,

Each loop is a step, in life's endless race.

A fern in the forest, delicate and green,

A spiral's embrace, a sight unseen.

Through realms of math, it weaves its way,

In Fibonacci's dance, it holds its sway.

Numbers spiral, in infinite flight,

A pattern of beauty, day and night.

In the artist's hand, a canvas unfurled,

Painted with spirals, a vibrant world.

A whirl of color, a stroke divine,

Capturing life in every line.

In the depths of thought, a mind takes flight,



Regia Marinho

I write about ideas, technology, the future and inspire the world through art. Artist. Civil engineer. https://regiaart.com