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Surreal Orange Skies, Colors of Mars Day in San Francisco Bay Area

Regia Marinho


The city by the Bay is resembling a city on Mars. #BayArea #BayAreaFires

“It is the artist’s business to create sunshine when the sun fails.” — Romain Rolland

Strange and foreboding red-orange skies and a layer of falling ash greeted Bay Area on September 9 as people woke on Wednesday.

Fires are to blame, of course, but not a specific fire.

An orange haze from wildfires burning around…San Francisco and other cities in the Bay Area make residents feeling they woke up in an apocalypse.

The sun did come up on, meteorologists confirmed, but it kept hidden, on the other side of the thick blanket of smoke, fog, haze and muck.

This photo I got from inside, because I was afraid of the bad air outside.

Danville, CA. 11 AM. Sept. 9, 2020 Photo by RegiaArt.

The wildfire smoke blocks the sun in Bay Area.

“I cannot stop watching this. Do people understand it wasn’t always like this? We’re in a climate emergency and everything has to change.”

We woke up Wednesday to a strange, almost apocalyptic orange red dark sky that became even more later in the morning as smoke from multiple fires across Northern California continued in the area.

Wildfires happen every year on summer, but this year things got much worse.

Does this mean it’s unsafe to go outside? I really don’t know.



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