Surviving the Epic Battle at the Absurdist Laundromat

It's about a laundering room experience.

Regia Marinho
5 min readMar 16


The absurdist laundromat is a hypothetical almost action comedy.

Laundromat. AI art 2023 by R. Marinho + MIdjourney.

The Absurdist Laundromat Battle was a wild and hilarious action that left audiences in suspense.

The future film will follow the story of two rival gangs, the Suds, and the Dryers, who were fighting for control over the local laundromat.

The Suds was a gang of soap barons who controlled the washing machines, while the Dryers were a group of ironing enthusiasts who controlled the dryers.

Both gangs had been at each other’s throats for years, but their feud reached a boiling point when a new player entered the scene.

That new player was a man named Johnny Tide, who had just been released from prison.

Johnny had always dreamed of taking over the laundromat, and he saw an opportunity to do just that when he discovered that the Suds and the Dryers were at war.

He quickly formed his own gang, the Bleach Boys, and began to make a name for himself by disrupting the Suds and the Dryers’ operations.

As tensions between the gangs escalated, the laundromat became a battleground.

Suds and Dryers would hurl detergent and fabric softener at each other across the room, while Bleach Boys sneaked around the machines, cutting power cords and sabotaging the equipment.

The action was fast-paced and chaotic, with characters slipping and sliding on the sudsy floors, dodging laundry baskets and clothes hangers, and engaging in ridiculous, over-the-top fight scenes.

The film’s main characters were equally absurd.

There was Johnny Tide, the wannabe gang leader who couldn’t stop quoting classic action movies.

His right-hand man, Fabricio, was obsessed with laundry puns and always carried a bottle of stain remover in his pocket.

And the Suds’ leader, a grizzled old bar of soap named Scrubbing Bubbles, spoke in a deep, raspy voice and had a prosthetic scrub brush for a hand.



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