The Future is Now, The Art Gallery of Digital Art That Was Just Created on Medium

"The Future is Now." A Medium Art Gallery by RegiaArt.

Regia Marinho


Digital abstract images, NFTs, and generative art are for you to enjoy.

"I am aware that the realist period is finished." André Derain.

Presenting… The Future is Now.

An art gallery in a platform of writers.

Because the future is what you create now.

Have some fun creating something and also improve your future.

Right now I'm trying to define a title, to begin with. And then what I'll post here is up to the daily inspiration.

At some point, you can send me your images and I will post them here.

Do you like this idea?

Digital by R. Marinho.

"I am unable to make a servile copy of nature." Henri Matisse.

Digital by the author.

"Let no day pass over you without a line." Charles Alphonse Dufresnoy.

Digital by the author.

"The artist draws what he has to make others see." Edgar Degas.

Digital by the author.

Basel is contemporary art’s most influential trade fair. Newsweek.

Digital art by the author.

"The defining function of the artist is to



Regia Marinho

I write about ideas, technology, the future and inspire the world through art. Artist. Civil engineer.