Thoughts About this Quote: Have More Than You Show, Speak Less Than You Know.

Regia Marinho
2 min readSep 15

Have more than you show, speak less than you know.” — William Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare’s timeless wisdom reminds us of the profound value of maintaining a sense of humility and understatement.

In a world that often celebrates excessive self-promotion and verbosity, this simple yet profound advice encourages us to focus on substance over style.

“Have more than you show”

encourages us to amass knowledge, skills, and achievements quietly, without the need for constant flaunting.

It emphasizes the power of actions over words, suggesting that our deeds should speak volumes about our capabilities and character.

“Speak less than you know”

encourages restraint in our communication.

It urges us to listen attentively, think before we speak, and convey our thoughts with precision and wisdom.

By doing so, we can avoid unnecessary conflicts, and misunderstandings, and maintain an air of mystery and respect.

In embracing this wisdom, we cultivate a path to personal growth and influence.

It reminds us that the most influential individuals are often those who let their actions, accomplishments, and the depth of their knowledge do the talking.

It’s an inspirational reminder to pursue excellence, wisdom, and humility on our journey through life.

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Regia Marinho. September 15, 2023

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