Ugly Medieval Dogs, The Generative Art Beautiful Ugly Bot Experiment

Because the Future is Now. And I'm creating.

Regia Marinho


What is Generative art?

Generative art uses algorithms to create images. An algorithm is a set of steps that can be followed to get some task, a repeat procedure for producing some result.

Or, let's say Generative art is a form of digital art that uses a computer to randomly generate images based on a set of rules.

It can create fantasy images of medieval knights, castles, and other fantasy creatures.

The dogs in the middle ages. Examples.


A terrified dog.

Look at this triumph of terror. What was the thought of the creator here?

Who would insult a dog like this?

The Bot seems to really create something new…from other something and make it ugly or great or both.

Generative art images were created from the above drawing. 2022 By the Bot and the author.

I did not understand what kind of dogs they are …


Medieval dog drawing playing a song.

Medieval dog playing a song. Drawing.

I can say… the beautiful ugly!

Generative art image created from the above drawing. 2022 By the Bot and the author.

These are images derivatives or generative variations of the above result of the ugly dog.



Regia Marinho

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