What Are The Best Websites To Find Houses for Rent or Buy In Portugal

Look at these websites.

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If you’re thinking of going to Portugal…
There are various options for sites to find a place to rent a house or an apartment.

Porto, Portugal. 2022 Photo: Regia Marinho.

How to rent a property in Portugal.

The first step is to search websites for renting or buying a house in Portugal.

Whenever you find a nice place that meets your expectations, get in touch by phone, email, or message on the site itself.

When you get the owner’s answer, try to schedule a visit to the place to meet him in person and check if the house corresponds with the photographs you saw on the website.

If you are still outside of Portugal and cannot visit the apartment, having the help of a real estate consultant can be a solution.

Try to talk to the owner to find out what is needed to rent:

Documentation, guarantor, deposit, the advance of a few months of rent, how-to pay, etc.

Understand all the conditions for renting the property. Don’t be alarmed if he demands a long list of conditions, but be aware of abuses and keep in mind the “Lei de arrendamento em Portugal” to know what the landlord can really demand of you.

The important thing is not to get discouraged and always try to negotiate the conditions. Remember that you already have the “no”, so fight for the “yes”, especially if you really like the apartment. If they come to an agreement, it’s time to sign the contract and make the change.

Here is a selection of the best sites for you to find your new home!


Imovirtual is also on this list of the best sites to rent a house in Portugal.

In addition to houses, you can also find commercial establishments, offices, and much more. It works in a very simple and intuitive way and, like Idealista, it allows you to activate different filters such as typology, price, usable area, energy performance, and others.




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