What Are the Digital Trends For 2022

Discover now the digital trends.

Regia Marinho
3 min readFeb 18, 2022


Disrupting Time. 2022 Digital art by R. Marinho

Digital transformation is on people's minds.

Remote work forced the world into a digital transformation.

“You have the future in your hands. What do you want?” — Rhonda Byrne.

The pace of digital change is accelerating.

The pandemics brought a change in society all over the world.

And due to the internet, businesses began to explore ways to continue their activities remotely.

So what is the next big thing?

1. Artificial Intelligence will make personalization too good and in consequence, it will have mass adoption.

It’s already happening.

2. The Web3 and the rise of immersive experiences will popular 3D creation.

In consequence, computers need to be more powerful.

3. The next top talent will have more than one career.

Example. I have a degree in civil engineering and I am a visual artist, and I’m a content creator. As result, my work in the engineering field will be more creative, more intensive, more engaged…

4. Organizations will turn customers and employees of businesses into owners.

It’s a sharing economy. It’s the right way to make things happen more quickly.

5. Life and work.

It’s a way to learn more and be aware of what’s happening in different parts of the world. As result, you will understand more what is good for people and for the world.

Maybe you will have a nomadic life and will love it.

Great digital skills divide.

The next disruption is already here. Are you ready?

The acceleration of digital transformation exposed a growing skills gap between pre-and now almost post-pandemic life.

Because most people are not prepared with digital skills.

These are the digital skills you need to work and live for…



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