What is Cubism in the Art of Picasso and Braque

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Cubism is an art movement that began in 1907.

It all begins with Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, the style is characterized by fragmented subject matter deconstructed in such a way that it can be viewed from multiple angles simultaneously.

Cubism, which developed in the crucial years from 1907 to 1914, is widely regarded as the most innovative and influential artistic style of the 20th century.

Analytic Cubism.

The first official phase of the movement is known as Analytic Cubism. This period lasted from 1908 through 1912 and is characterized by chaotic paintings of fractured subjects made in neutral tones.

Pablo Picasso.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso (25 October 1881– 8 April 1973) was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and theatre designer who spent most of his adult life in France.

He is one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, known for co-founding the Cubist movement, the invention of constructed sculpture, the co-invention of collage, and for the wide variety of styles that he helped develop and explore.

Pablo Picasso, “Girl with a Mandolin,” 1910.

Pablo Picasso, “Girl with a Mandolin,” 1910

Picasso also applied the principles of Analytic Cubism to his sculptures, a collection of busts and figures that shows the phase’s experimental approach to perspective.

This is Picasso’s first Cubist sculpture and one of more than sixty Cubist paintings, sculptures, and drawings the artist made of his companion Fernande Olivier in 1909.

Picasso. Head of a Woman (Fernande). Sculpture 16 1/4 × 9 3/4 × 10 1/2 in. (41.3 × 24.8 × 26.7 cm).

Pablo Picasso 1909.

Carafe, Jug, and Fruit Bowl. Oil on canvas. 28 1/4 x 25 3/8 inches (71.8 x 64.5 cm).

Carafe, Jug, and Fruit Bowl. 1909. Oil on canvas. 28 1/4 x 25 3/8 inches (71.8 x 64.5 cm).

Georges Braque.

Georges Braque. French. 13 May 1882–31 August 1963) was a major 20th-century French painter, collagist, draughtsman…

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