What is Generative Art, and What Programs Can Use To Generate It

Generative art is a form of art that is generated by a computer program.

Regia Marinho


Generative art from a famous painting of Édouard Manet. by the author.

Generative art is a digital art form that uses randomness and procedural generation to make art.

It is a type of art that uses algorithms to generate an image or video.

The artist has some influence over the image’s content, but they don’t control it completely.

Instead, they set up the rules for how their work will be created, and then let the algorithm do its thing.

Generative art is sometimes called “algorithmic art” or “computer-generated art.”

One common example of generative art is fractal art.

Fractals are mathematical formulas that recursively apply a simple rule repeatedly over time to create patterns that are infinitely complex.

Fractal images can be generated by drawing them pixel-by-pixel with software like Photoshop.

There are programs designed specifically for generating fractals like Apophysis.

Generative art is digital art created by algorithms.

It’s different from traditional art. It can be digitally generate from a text, a photo, a drawing, a painting…

It does need an artist or creator in collaboration with the AI software to create it.

The algorithm that generates the work has been programmed to create something based on input and some rules.

In some cases, these rules are strict and leave little room for creativity.

The goal of generative art is to create something new and unique every time it’s generated.

Frank Lloyd Wright. Generative art by R. Marinho.

Frank Lloyd Wright. Generative art by R. Marinho.

Each piece of art is different from any other piece because it’s built out of different pieces, but each one still has its own unique characteristics.

Generative art is art that uses computational processes to create works of art.



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