The Vleeshal in Haarlem, Netherlands.

What is Mannerism in Architecture

A distinctive quality or style.

Regia Marinho
4 min readApr 1, 2022


“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

The mannerist architecture was characterized by unexpected elements that challenged the Renaissance norms.

Flemish artists, many of whom had traveled to Italy and were influenced by Mannerist developments there.

During the period, architects experimented with using architectural forms to emphasize solid and spatial relationships.

The Renaissance ideal of harmony gave way to freer and more imaginative rhythms.

What does the Mannerism style mean?

It's a habitual or characteristic manner, mode, or way of doing something. A distinctive quality or style, in behavior or speech.

The term mannerism describes the style of the paintings and bronze sculptures. And is derived from the Italian Maniera, meaning simply “style”.

And is derived from the Italian Maniera, meaning simply “style”.

Mannerism is sometimes defined as the “stylish style” for its emphasis on self-conscious artifice over realistic representation.



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