What is Simple, What is Complex?

Regia Marinho
4 min readDec 17, 2019


It’s like This or That?

It’s like Black or White?

Thinking as an artist it’s like one line drawing x multi lines drawing.

Geometric digital art by RegiaArt

Life is made of decisions about… so many things.

Sometimes solution comes in simple ways.

Sometimes not. There are occasions that requires a lot of considerations.

It’s necessary to write down pros and cons … talk to friends, hire a consultant or even take a time off to think about how to get the right answer.

And then,

What is Simple?

Eat a banana. But not that “comedian” one from Basel Art Fair.

Cook an egg.

Stay put. (of a person or object) Remain somewhere without moving or being moved. Sometimes this is not as simple solution as it looks.

If you have a pen. Write a song.

If you have a brush. Make a painting.

If you do not have a bed. Sleep on others people bed or on the floor over a newspaper.

If you do not have a bike. Take a walk.

If you get lemons. Make lemonade.

If you have time. Make whatever you want.

If you are lonely. Go travel.

If you have an idea. Make it happen.

If you forget a language…take “Duolingo” lessons. It’s free.

Go to school in pajamas. By the way… today teens are dressing pajamas. They went to school like that. Simple and easy. Wake Up and go.

Teens in Pajamas. Starbucks. photos by RegiaArt

What is Complex?



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