What Is The Difference Between Maze And Labyrinth

different types of structures

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The terms “maze” and “labyrinth” are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings and refer to different types of structures.


Maze. AI ART 2023 by MJ + the author.

A maze is a complex network of paths or passages, typically designed with branching choices and dead ends, meant to confuse or puzzle those navigating it.

The goal of a maze is usually to find the correct path or exit.

Mazes are often designed as puzzles or recreational activities, and they can vary widely in size and complexity.


Photo: Atlas Obscura. It likely craved in the 1800s

Corn mazes, hedge mazes, and puzzle mazes are common examples.

Mazes can be found in many places around the world, and they come in different forms and sizes.

Where you might find mazes include

  1. Amusement Parks: Many amusement parks feature hedge mazes or other types of mazes as part of their attractions.
  2. Botanical Gardens: Some botanical gardens incorporate mazes as part of their landscapes, providing visitors with an interactive and recreational experience.
  3. Cornfields: During the fall season, corn mazes are popular attractions in many agricultural areas.
  4. Historic Estates and Gardens: Some historic estates and gardens include mazes as part of their landscape design for both aesthetic and entertainment purposes.
  5. Tourist Attractions: In various tourist destinations, you may find mazes designed as tourist attractions, providing entertainment and challenge to visitors.
  6. Puzzle Centers: Some dedicated puzzle centers or interactive museums may have indoor mazes or puzzle mazes as part of their exhibits.



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