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Why Love Generative Art?

Regia Marinho
4 min readDec 16, 2021


Generative Art is a form of digital art.

Generative art is an extension of central themes from 20th Century art.

The artists play a major role in the outcome of the work. The process is very similar to traditional art-making.

Generative art is styled/created from an image by humans and executed by computers.

Generative Art is a new media art style that can also be referred to as Coding Art, Interactive Art, or Generative Design.


Generative art has its history going back to 1960.

Who invented generative art?

It seems that begins in dada. Harold Cohen was a pioneering artist who is considered one of the first to make generative art. He used computer-controlled robots to generate paintings in the late 1960s.

Harold Cohen. The first digital artist.

Harold Cohen (British, 1928–2016) was the creator of AARON, a computer program designed to produce art autonomously.

His work in the intersection of computer artificial intelligence and art. He did exhibitions at many museums, including the…



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